Rolex Serial Number Lookup

Please remember this is a free guide from LWDB for the purpose of finding the date of production of your Rolex watch from the serial number shown on your watchcase or certificate. Our look up chart is not affiliated to Rolex UK or international in any form.


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Here at LWDB, We are always happy to assist you with either selling  your watch on a commission basis or taking your Rolex watch as part exchange, or simply buying it from you. Whichever option you require we aim to give you the best price and service possiable. We can give you either an informal valuation on your watch by email or simply over the phone (Please note informal cost given are not guaranted unitl the watch is fully checked). The most accurate option we can give you, would be a formal written offer. To provide this we will need to see and inspect your watch which is done at our offices, this will allow us to ensure all areas are covered in our detailed survey / inspection valuation as to give you the best price.(Please be advised this process takes between 7 - 10 days and postage is paid for by you, unless showcased and deducted from the sale cost if we / you proceed otherwise the watch will be returned)

For LWDB to give you a formal offer, we request that you contact us prior, for a budget price,  if the budget price is acceptable to you, we can proceed to the next stage and arrange collection to examine the watch for either buying, showcasing or Part exchange. We will help you arrange collection which is recorded and insured through the correct courier.

The basic details needed from you are listed below, if you can have the answers to hand this will speed up the process or If you email us your details we can send you a LWDB check list for you to fill in and send back the relevant answers. Please bear in mind we cannot sell a watch that does not belong to you unless proof of ownership is confirmed and written consent from the owner is confirmed. We cannot sell any watches that are registered as stolen or replicated in any way

  • Rolex Model
  • Year of Watch
  • Serial Number
  • Case Number
  • Original Certificate with Numbers or a Copy of the certificate
  • Original Box and condition
  • Latest Service and Where
  • Condition of watch, For Example: Dents, Chips, Cracks, Bracelet etc.

The more information you can provide the better and photos will always help provide a visual impression for LWDB to assess your watch. Clearly seeing the watch is always best, but this is not always practical or time effective. The costs stated will not be legally binding but will give a clear indication of what we will usually pay, inspection pending, and this will be confirmed once the watch is full inspected. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.

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Watches you may be looking for? 

It may be that you are looking for that special model of Rolex which is not listed on our website, and not all of our watches and products are listed on the website as these are at our holding bank. Please contact us by email or call and let us know what you are looking for with a budget figure and we will aim to help you. We have a vast network of contacts that allow us to source most Rolex models both modern and vintage if we do not have what you are looking for.


We can also showcase your watch for sale on our site at an agreed commission rate. All you need to do is send us the watch details; once these have been received we will contact you and arrange for either collection or delivery by an approved method. Once we receive the watch we will clean and photograph and detail the specifications ready for sale. Of course we will have agreed a sale price, less commission.  

If you are thinking of any of the options listed above, we request that you email us or call us to arrange the relevant forms for either of the options listed, as to ensure you are aware of our policy, terms and conditions.

Please be aware we can only sell authentic watches that are owned by the seller and therefore require proof of the seller’s details.

Please call us with any questions or advice you require, we are always happy to help, or drop us an email: