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Please remember this is a free guide from LWDB for the purpose of finding the date of production of your Rolex watch from the serial number shown on your watchcase or certificate. Our look up chart is not affiliated to Rolex UK or international in any form.

Service and Repair

roles service2015 Rolex Maintenance & Service

Watches require careful treatment together with a full service every three to five years, as there is always a certain amount of abrasion in mechanical devices.

Our Nottinghamshire service is a thorough and time-consuming process that involves completely dismantling, cleaning, lubricating, and reassembling the movement. After servicing, every movement goes through a special series of tests, including Pressure and tighness checks, when insuring water resistance grades are meet and approved to conform to stringent precision standards.

This is the best way to ensure that your watch will continue to run accurately for years to come. All of our work comes with a guarantee for peace of mind.

LWDB only use Certified Rolex Accredited Technicians who are registered with Rolex UK, that allows us to ensure all original parts are used witnin the service.(Exceptions are made when restoring or servicing Vintage models, where original parts are no longer available, although this will be made clear to you within your estimate). 

We currently work to a 3-4 week turn around from receipt of your watch, providing all parts are in stock. The service will always include the resealing of the case, and finish with a clean and polish.

The below costs are not subject to additional parts that maybe required. All watches will be inspect prior to works and any additional parts and labour will be made clear and approved before we start.

2015 Rolex Service and repair costs 

Basic Service Costs – Clean & Reseal & Polish from £395.00 - £490.00

Day-Date from £490.00 - £580.00 

Chronographs from £500.00 - £785.00 

Sapphire Glass replacements from £195.00

Plexi Glass replacements from £95.00

Crown Replacement "Steel" from £85.00 (Pending on Model)

Case Resealing and test from £85.00 (Pending on Model)

Full Polish and Clean from £65.00 - £120

Please note postage charge will be added, unless delivery or collection in person.

All watches are checked upon arrival and if further works are required, a full estimate will be given via email or post. Please be advised if works are not proceeded then a charge of £75.00 will be incured, this does 

include secure post to you within the UK. 

All watches are fully insured when sent with LWDB

Please see full terms and conditions 

Whatever your requirement please contact by email:

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